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As pastors we are expected to be Jack of all trades…including doing all the counselling and care. We don’t have the time, and often lack the training or the passion for doing counselling and care, but feel obliged to do so, or guilty if we don’t do so. No wonder we are burning out so quickl...

Rev Mogomotsi Diutlwileng

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dr-leon-webNever in the world was the development and management of local Church-based WHOLISTIC COUNSELLING & CARE CENTRES easier, more effective and more exciting than now.

The local Church is the most strategically positioned to heal and transform our broken world... But is YOUR local Church adequately equipped and resourced to address the multitude of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social ills individuals, families and communities are faced with today? Or is the already over-worked and burned-out Pastor expected to do that?

Our MISSION is to equip and enable local Churches, globally, to develop self-sustainable, professionally supervised, lay-driven, partner-intensive WHOLISTIC CARE CENTRES via an easy-to-use ALL-IN-ONE computerized self-installing DVD START-UP PACKAGE, relevant for all churches irrespective of size, location, resources or denomination…AT THE PRESS OF A BUTTON.

For your convenience we have put together a short DVD, giving you a brief overview of our ministry. Enjoy



  • videoGCC INTRODUCTION VIDEO4 minute inspirational DVD on how easy it is to become a world class Local Church-based Counselling and Care Centre.

  • startup pack GCC START-UP PACKAGEA single self-installing DVD containing all the resources needed to start and manage your Counselling and Care Centre

    Enrol now for the sponsored, University certificate course in Counselling Centre Management. Registration closes 30 APRIL 2014.