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It is true that we cannot be effective and efficient in running a CARE CENTRE without the necessary resources. GLOBAL CARE CENTRES empowered us to create our own resources. It taught us the power of networking and partnering with professionals, community service providers, professional bodies, bu...

Cheryl Pillay
Director: Come Back Mission


When God gave me a vision to start an interdenominational Counselling Centre, I had no idea where to start until I heard about the Counselling Centre MANAGEMENT COURSE run by Global Care Centres. I learned about how to actually manage a Counselling Centre, how to manage people, how to manage finances. It’s helped me with ideas on how to network with other organizations and get them involve with your centre so that you not isolated, and it’s given me ideas of the team that you want on board and how to mentor them. And so it is a course that is very practical, but also a course that encourages you to persevere with the dream that God has given you in starting and running a centre. Thank you to Global Care Centres for helping me with starting my centre.
Date of Posting: 18 June 2013
Posted By: Olga Fredericks
Centre Manager – Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre/Johannesburg
The SASOLBURG COUNSELLING CENTRE was consecrated by Dr Leon Klein on the 7th February 2010 and opened its doors officially on the 15th February 2010. The Centre operates under the authority of GCC and is directed by Rev Altus Carstens, a resident Minister at the Sasolburg Methodist Church. A total of 14 lay volunteer counsellors are actively busy with the counselling and care work. Counsellors are trained in the 12 week Basic Christian Counselling & Care course. Screening and appointments followed the course. A local clinical psychologist volunteers 2 hours per month as supervisor and meets on an eight (8) week cycle with the counsellor group to debrief and supplement their education. GCC was very helpful in assisting us by giving us all the necessary basic information and resources on starting and running an effective local Church-based Counselling Centre. The Sasolburg Counselling Centre is open from 08:00-12:30 for bookings and counsellors offer their services at convenient hours throughout the day. Services are based on a non-obligatory DONATION, and offered to anyone in the wider community.
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Rev Altus Carstens
Sasolburg Conselling Centre
The launching of the RUACH COUNSELLING CENTRE, Somerset West (Western Cape), on the 27th March 2010 was the realization of a vision of eight years, and in line with the Church’s vision statement “To be an inclusive church where all people can find healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ” It was only through the support of GCC and Dr Klein’s book, that the team called by the Lord, was able to put all structures well into place. Months were spent slowly working through each chapter and implementing the instructions before moving on. This resulted in us opening with a team of 7 and a support team of 28 professional partners before we had any clients. The team get together once a month for professional supervision and a meeting to reflect on the past month. The majority of clients have been referred to us by our professional partners. A big part of our vision is to teach people life skills, and the first step was to partner with the SADAG Support Group who meets on our premises fortnightly as a working partner. Added to this, we run self-development courses as well as training other churches in the Basic Christian Counselling course.
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Wendy Coles

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